Nivea Total Face Cleanup- Product Review

We often think that a face cleanup is a lengthy process and given today’s rushed up life, we need to plan a day for it and assign some dedicated hours.
You think that way don’t you..? At least I used to think that I will have to spend at least a couple of hours in the parlour to get a cleanup done or even if I do it at home, it would need at least half an hour to forty five minutes.
Also a cleanup meant using 4-5 different products and even at home, it would cost me a good amount of money if I average out the uses. But then I came across this great product by a very trusted brand, Total Face Cleanup by Nivea.
It gives an instant clean up in just five minutes, it’s a 3 in one product that can be used as a face wash first, then scrub it gently on your face for about a minute and leave it as a face pack for another 3-4 minutes and ta daa.. in just five minutes your complete clean up is done.

Product benefits at a glance
1. Unclogs pores
2. Removes blackheads
3. Reduces spots
4. Refines skin
5. Deep cleanses

It can be used individually as a daily face wash, as a scrub, 3-4 times a week and as a face pack, 2-3 times a week

Final verdict- a great product which comes in handy especially when you have a time crunch. Given the price point of Rs 120 for 50ml, I think it’s a product worth grabbing.


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