Celebrate the spirit of Mumbai with Lit-O-Fest! Spread over 2 days, in Mumbai, LitOFest, Mumbai brings together 3 streams of literature, arts and music in a unique and extravagant amalgamation of delight. It is an extremely well curated event that features showcases, seminars, discussions, contests and performances. LitOFest, Mumbai seamlessly merges aspiring, emerging and award winning talent together in a united show of excellence. LitOFest, is become the biggest cultural showcase of the country. Director of the festival Smita Parikh says Lit o Fest is an initiative to bridge the gap between English and National language Hindi. This is a platform which brings all together. We promote young budding authors & get them an opportunity to meet & interact with renowned authors across the globe. We take the pride in sharing that this festival also provides opportunity to the budding authors to meet leading publishers face to face & get them publishing contracts”

The press conference and curtain raiser for Lit-O-Fest will have
the Festival director 
S​mita Parikh talk about this year’s strategy followed by “Chanakya Secrets” by the legend Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai and his latest book launch a poetry recital by 
M​anju Lodha,
S​mita Parikh,
D​evmani Pandey and Madan Pal will
​take place, ​followed by book covers launch of 4 aspiring authors- Anushka Jain, Aparna Sanyal, Shilpa Sharma, Vaibhav Modi

Director of the festival Smita Parikh says “We have grown into a serious platform that gives equal opportunity to all writers including Emerging, Hindi, Dalit & Regional writers with aspirations and talent to come together on one stage to showcase their work along with the literary superstars and bestsellers. We have become a stepping stone to many aspiring writers, singers, artists and students to go one step closer to achieving their dream – and we take this responsibility very seriously.”


Being committed to this cause of promoting and building literary talentLitOFest runs several simultaneous initiatives to train, educate and publish writings of aspiring authors. Programmes to this effort run through the year as they have training sessions, knowledge session and contests for aspiring authors which eventually lead to publishing contracts for deserving talent. The team of  Lit-O-Fest are pleased to share that in their first year they had published 8 books for free and in the second year they plan to take up to 20 books to be published.


In terms of social impact, in the past they have given scholarships and funds, but this year LitOFest is going a step ahead and adopting one rural school to promote education in the country, and also to provide all basic necessities to stop the dropout rates which will eventually add on to the literacy rate of the nation…not only this but they also plan to provide career counselling for 10th grade students in rural Maharashtra to promote and provide higher education.


Lit-O-Fest has around 150 dignitaries participating as panelists from the Literature Arts and Music fields. The event has created a space where in poetry with live music and dance, along with painting, discussions on classical and contemporary dance forms, classical dance performances by aspiring and legends, musical performances by aspiring and legends will happen in the quadrangle area, of the venue giving the audience an extraordinary experience. Along with a book fair, book swap, book donation for rural schools and art and craft fair will be the highlight 

LitOFest, now in its 4th  chapter, will be held on 10th and 11th 

march 2018 ​at the Dublin square in Phoenix Market City, Kurla.


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