Montegrappa pens – Luxury gifting for festive season

Montegrappa recently embarked on its second century as a privately-owned manufacturer and producer of Italy’s finest writing instruments with a programme of incredible expansion. This represents the most energetic stage in the company’s evolution from a maker solely of writing instruments to the creator of objects that embody the Italian attitude toward the finer things in life.Like all technologies affected by the increasing presence of the internet – both in the way they perform and the way they are sold – pens have evolved into a lifestyle choice with a purpose that was unimaginable as recently as 20 years ago. Montegrappa has embraced this challenge; bring the company to new heights, with achievements unparalleled in its history.


With great rapidity, Montegrappa has developed a catalogue that now includes watches, cufflinks, scents, leather goods and other items to enhance one’s life. The successful transition to embracing the broad spectrum of wares in the luxury sector has guaranteed Montegrappa’s success for the next generation. Eschewing a corporate solution, Montegrappa remains decisively autonomous. It continues to be guided by the vision, experience and impeccable taste of the Aquila family. Their family values and unified, coherent vision define the strength of the Montegrappa brand, a company that has chosen to employ a mix of Italian style, design expertise and clarity of purpose. It is the only way to ensure that such institutions can continue the very traditions that created their positions as marques of merit.

This festive season Montegrappa introduces unique Gift Box options that can be customised to suit a budget or indulgence. From its role as the manufacturer of the world’s finest pens, Montegrappa, has evolved into a source for equally prestigious and satisfying luxury items, that includes watches, cufflinks, leather accessories redolent of Italy’s supremacy in that field. Montegrappa brings together various ranges that truly represent the essence of luxury experience and bespoke services.

They range from contemporary to classical, with assorted colours personalizing further the sentiment being expressed. As a special service to our corporate clients, Montegrappa can provide custom levels of brand identification, accommodating logos or individuals’ names. Luxurious and desirable, a Montegrappa writing instrument is a gift that any recipient would be delighted to acquire. It stays with the owner, in a pocket or purse, finding purpose at work, when travelling, or – most personally of all – when adding an entry to one’s diary or memoirs. Just as a Montegrappa pen will forever communicate its owner’s thoughts, the initial presentation, as a well-deserved gift, will make a statement as memorable as any.
Montegrappa collections that include Quincy Jones, Calligraphy, Sophia Loren, Grappa, Q1, Sinatra, Parola, Nero Uno, Privilege, Chaos, Cigar, Traviata, Portrait, Brain, Bruce Lee, Memory, Salvador Dali, My Guardian Angel and others is truly a collectors delight.

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