Abhinash Kishore, a Guwahati Youth, Launches an Innovative Bicycle!

Abhinash Kishore in collaboration with Kristi Customs created this innovative bicycle, which is a boon for health conscious people. This bicycle boasts of many additional health benefits apart from the regular advantages of cycling.


The USPs of this bicycle are

  • Its a fat tyre bicycle which takes extra efforts to ride which directly increases the workout intensity.
  • It targets the love handles and lower abdomen and helps burn those extra calories.
  • Unlike bicycle workout in gym, this is more effective as it’s an open workout and needs more stamina thus giving a complete body workout.

Its special design also allows you to carry a water bottle and has a timer as well, to give you an accurate estimate of your cycling duration and calorie burn.


Abhinash Kishore participated in IGT (India’s Got Talent) and Shaabash India and successfully showcased his stunting capabilities and became a household name in Guwahati. Then with his sheer hardworking, dedication and devotion, he came up with this idea of bicycle and over the years implemented his idea into action and just recently launched this cycle.





The media launch for the same has been done, now the bicycle is awaited to hit the market soon.


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