Celebrate Christmas with Kidzania..!!

Wednesday onward, it’s time for Sharing Wishes at KidZania Delhi NCR! 

Gingerbread houses, stencil decorations on sandwiches, Bulb poke trees and more – this Christmas, it’s all about having fun with your loved ones through exciting activities to spread the cheer and create merry memories!

 KidZania Location (1)

Highlights of the Christmas Celebrations at KidZania

1. Gingerbread House – 

Come together with your family and deck the Gingerbread House with Christmassy ornaments. After that, make it your photo-ops arena and capture these wonderful memories with your loved ones!  

2. Dumb Charades Cooking Contest 

Test your secret signal skills with your little ones! The kids will choose from simple ingredients and will enact those items/recipe and you have to conjure the dish up on the basis of that! Exciting, right? Well, it will definitely be so!

 3. Cycle and Light Up! 

Bring out your speed skills by lighting up two Christmas trees whose fairy lights will be connected to your cycling talent! The more you peddle, the more lights come onn! You definitely don’t want to give this one a miss!  

4. Candle decoration 

Let’s see how you decorate THE ONE! 

You will be given only one candle – the task is to decorate it in the most unique way possible! Up for a challenge? Well, this one will tickle your grey cells for sure.  

5. Culinary School Activities 

Decorate sandwiches with icing sugar through beautiful shapes like stars, reindeer, snowman, Christmas trees and more.

You can also showcase your icing skills by decking the Gingerbread men and cupcakes with frosting nozzles!  

6. Poke Tree and Snowman 

Be as innovative as you can and design a Snowman or Christmas Tree with a whole lot of colourful buttons! 


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