Witlinger getting BOLD

Since its launch in 2014 Witlinger has been consistently producing high-quality craft beer and has built strong brand recall. To demonstrate their true personality & character through their packaging, Witlinger is now launching new design & powerful brand mascot. The new design will capture the attention of young millennial that are frequently looking for strong and bold brand appeal that they can easily understand and relate to. The new design with ‘British Bulldog’ as a mascot characterizes Witlinger’s true brand identity and conveys a strong message of being Bold – with lot of attitude, Honest & Fun. The mascot highlights Witlinger’s British origin with a classic British Bulldog.

Witlinger Beer @ Pet Fed India

British Bulldog design and personality will vary with every variant and different style of beer. Currently, Witlinger Wheat Ale has a Bulldog design that portrays the personality of someone who is bold and want to experience different flavours where as Witlinger Lager has a Bulldog portraying personality of someone who is sophisticated and drinks socially after work.

Witlinger beer with New Mascot (i)

Speaking about the brand’s new design, Mr. Anuj Kushwah, Managing Director and Founder said, “This is an exciting time for Witlinger as we are showcasing our true identity and characteristics of being very British and honest with what we do i.e. making sincere and honest craft beer. I am certain our new design will capture attention of the millennial and will help them related to what Witlinger stands for. This definitely adds fun in drinking good craft beer with the great bold design.

Witlinger beer with New Mascot

Witlinger’s Wheat Ale is India’s first and unique category of wheat beer. It has distinctive sweet orange and coriander flavours that make it refreshing and easy-to-drink beer at any time of the day. Witlinger’s Lager is brewed with British Hops giving it distinctive lemon grass finish. Witlinger beers are made with 100% malt with no additives.






About Pet Fed India association:

Witlinger mega launch of new design went live @ Pet Fed Show, India’s biggest pet carnival. Witlinger was the official pouring partner for both Delhi and Mumbai edition. The brand ran a catchy hashtag #BoldlyBritish to create a direct connection with British culture.

About Witlinger


Taking inspiration from the vibrant UK craft beer scene, Witlinger is the first crafted beer in India brewed in British style of brewing with over 130 years of traditional brewing heritage, knowledge, and expertise. Witlinger beer is brewed with the finest ingredients from around the world to offer distinctive flavors, giving a real and honest craft beer experience.


About Kaama Breweries:


‘Kaama’ is a Sanskrit word derived from Hindu mythology meaning pleasure of the senses. Keeping same philosophy in mind, Kaama Breweries was formed by Mr. Jasmeet Marwah, Mr. Amit Anand and Mr. Anuj Kushwah. Kaama offers best craft beer experience through their honest and flavorful beers made from finest ingredients.


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