Go Goa with Goa Unlimited!!

Goa is everyone’s go to place whether looking for a rocking time with friends, or a quaint getaway with your beloved or a pool of fun and activities with family and we are no different. The moment we came up with our channel, Goa was on our list at the top, its one of our most favorite destinations ever. We have been there a lot of times, but yet every time we end up enjoying to the fullest and we still look forward to going there the next time.

But this time around, we wanted to experience Goa purely as tourists and hence we decided to leave ourselves in the hands of experts. So we collaborated with Goa Unlimited, a travel company that offers exquisite villas to stay in and also offers numerous activities and sightseeing options that make Goa’s experience very different and unique each time. This time around we saw Goa from the lens of Goa Unlimited and all we can say is that we were extremely glad about our decision.


We stayed at 2 different villas and both of them had a great location, were comfortable and equipped with all modern amenities. Our days were wisely planned and we had a mix of witnessing monuments, exploring beaches, shopping, tasting authentic food and even getting a glimpse of the typical Goan nightlife. Everything was packed into our itinerary carefully and with Goa Unlimited our Fun also became Unlimited.

We really urge our readers and viewers to explore the services of Goa Unlimited at least once and feel the difference of experiencing Goa. They can assist you with Villas, Hotels, Apartments, Car Rentals and umpteen numbers of activities and unexplored tourist spot options to make your travel experience worthwhile.

About Goa Unlimited

Nikhil Mirkar, Founder of Goa Unlimited (GU) came to Goa from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai in October 1992 with a diploma in hotel management. As a 22 year old young man, he fell in love with the peace and the quiet that Goa offered compared to the hustle and bustle of his home town. He started his career as a trainee in a well-known resort in South Goa and the rest, as they say, is history.

After having worked with several prominent hotels and resorts in North and South Goa in various roles, Nikhil decided to set out on his own. Thus, Goa Unlimited was born in 2005. With his immense knowledge of the trade and the Goan market, Goa Unlimited and Nikhil quickly saw success as a key partner for several resorts and hotels in Goa.

However, as the markets started changing with the rise of the internet and the advent of online travel portals, Nikhil quickly recognized a shift in the market. While there was a steady rise in the number of foreign tourists, particularly British and Russians, there was also increasing number of domestic tourists coming to Goa.

With the changing face of travel, Nikhil recognized the need for a change in strategy as well. The trend of vacation rentals was increasing globally. Goa Unlimited then diversified into Goa Villa Rentals, to offer villas and service apartments for vacation rentals. So since 2007, Goa Unlimited has been a key contributor to the rising trend of villas and apartments for vacation rentals in Goa. Nikhil’s team consists of local Goans who know the region well and are able to guide guests through the eyes of a local. The team is humble and friendly, and spends time helping guests in making their stay in Goa memorable. Having spent 25 years himself in the hospitality sector in Goa, Nikhil is immersed in the culture, and understands the Goan ethos well – its people, environment and the language. As one of the pioneers in this category, Goa Villa Rentals is now a name to reckon with in the vacation rentals category for Goa.

Goa Unlimited now offers over 60 villas and around 20 service apartments in different budget categories to offer guests. Over the last 12 years, GU has garnered a huge data base of clients who repeatedly contact them to book their holidays. GU also offers a full range of activities to cater to all demands of clients including car and bike rentals, sightseeing trips, adventure trips, treks and some very unusual experiences. Goa Unlimited specializes in groups ranging from 20 to 100 and even more, whether it is to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary, reunion, or any other occasion. Their end-to-end services ensure that you only carry lasting memories of the time spent in Goa with your near and dear ones and the hassles of planning and organizing are taken care of by the efficient Goa Unlimited team.

The future of tourism and that of Goa is bright. With its reputation as a fun destination, there is a strong need for experiential tourism. Travelers are no longer just satisfied with sightseeing at a destination. They want an immersive experience – understand the locals, interact with them, experience the destination, its food, culture etc. That’s the future of tourism in Goa and the world over. As a full services player, Goa Unlimited offers its guests such experiences and will continue to do so in the future. Goa Unlimited has crafted unique stays and experiences for these astute travelers to Goa – to get a true feel of Goa, the land and its people.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of our experience with Goa Unlimited and also catch our personal interview with Nikhil Mirkar, Director, Goa Unlimited



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